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Tando Siding

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TandoShakes Rustic Shake

You want your home’s exterior to provide amazing curb appeal, blend in with the environment and dazzle everyone who comes to visit.

Tando Siding’s range of nature-inspired products provides you with a number of different options to consider, all of which are low maintenance and provide years of beauty to your home.

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The Tando Differences

Representing a completely new, different approach to exterior cladding, Tando Siding was formed from two exceptional brands, Novik and Exteria.

With an outstanding product portfolio, Tando Siding addresses the needs of the modern installer, renovator and residential construction company.

Tando Beach House Shakes

Tando Beach House Shakes were developed for homeowners who wanted the beautiful look of natural cedar shakes without the constant maintenance. Is it any wonder this low-maintenance, beautiful siding is a hit?


As the original simulated shake product on the market, TandoShake™ provides you with the largest selection of profiles, making it easy to match your architectural style while adding instant curb appeal.


Taking simulated siding one step further, TandoStone™ is the top brand of composite stone. With a unique TruGrit™ texture, this composite has the feel and appearance homeowners want. Rigid panels install quickly and easily with typical siding tools while remaining impervious to any weather.

Beach House Shake

Easy Natural Beauty

When you need an amazingly natural appearance without the hassles, Tando’s Beach House Shake line of siding products delivers. The beauty of wood with all the texture you’d expect from actual wood, but with simple low maintenance, Beach House Shakes upgrade your home’s exterior significantly.

Beach House Shake

Tando’s Beach House Shake line includes not only a beautiful appearance for your home, but one of the best warranties in the industry, with a 10-year “looks like new” warranty and a 50-year performance warranty. Not only do you get a beautiful home, you get great peace of mind in knowing that whatever mother nature may bring your way, your home’s exterior cladding is covered.

Want a better way to see how Beach House Shakes will look on your home? We can help! Contact us to receive a high-definition, real-to-life photo of shakes in the color you prefer.

Beach House Shake Colors

Beach House Shake is available in four lovely natural colors to compliment your home’s exterior.

Beach House Shake Atlantica


Beach House Shake Hatteras


Beach House Shake Sandcastle


Beach House Shake Pacifica


The Beach House Shake Look Book

Wondering how real-life homes look with Beach House Shakes? The Tando Beach House Shake Look Book gives you a peek at everything from traditional Cape Cods to modern farmhouses. Get inspired with this download!

Tando Shake

Enjoy the appearance of natural wood with low maintenance.

As one of the premier, most iconic shake options available on the market, TandoShake features a wide range of profile options and colors to match virtually any architectural style on your home’s exterior. Discover the many choices you have available below:

Cape Cod Perfection

Featuring an even 5″ exposure, strong cedar texture and exceptionally clean lines, Tando’s Cape Cod Perfection shake provides an amazing accent to virtually any home. Whether you’re replacing painted cedar or are simply creating an entirely new, high-class appearance to your home, this is the perfect low-maintenance option.

Cape Cod Perfection – Solid Color Series

RoughSawn Cedar Single & Dual

To add a degree of rugged natural charm to your home, the Tando RoughSawn Cedar Single includes long, subtle grain, random shake sizes and random mill saw marks. Creating a clean, classic look, this exterior cladding features a 6.5″ exposure, with a 90″ profile to minimize waste during the installation process, especially when you’re working around dormers and peaks.

RoughSawn Cedar – Solid Color Series

RoughSawn Cedar – Natural Color Series

Rustic Cedar 6

Available in Tando’s Signature Stain Color Series, the Rustic Cedar 6 profile delivers a 6.5″ exposure, giving you a real wood-stained shake appearance but without all of the time-consuming upkeep required of standard wood shakes. This profile delivers a strong wood-grain appearance to best mimic rustic cedar shakes.

Rustic Cedar 6 – Solid Color Series

Rustic Cedar 9

As one of Tando’s most popular lines, Rustic Cedar 9 is beloved by homeowners due to its deep texture profile and long, 9″ exposure. These features complement a number of other siding options, such as fiber cement, stucco, vinyl, real stone and stone veneer, while providing a low-maintenance finish.

Rustic Cedar 9 – Solid Color Series

Rustic Cedar 9 – Natural Color Series

Hand Split Shake

For the most rustic appearance and historical homes, Tando’s Hand Split Shake has all the appearance of hand-split cedar without all of the maintenance work. Random grooves and a 7″ exposure make this a very popular option.

Hand Split Shake – Solid Color Series

Hand Split Shake – Natural Color Series


The top composite stone brand.

As the top brand of composite stone, TandoStone™ with their proprietary TruGrit™ texture provides a great feel and appearance to your home’s exterior. The rigid panels install quickly and easily using standard siding equipment, while the impervious composite construction allows installation at ground level in any weather.

Stacked Stone

With a dry-stack profile that creates a tight, grout-free appearance to your home’s exterior, Tando’s Stacked Stone a level of classical elegance and intricacy of detail that can only be mimicked by hand-laid, dry-stacked stone, but with a low-maintenance finish.

Stacked Stone Color Series

Creek Ledgestone

For a more rugged, rustic appearance, Tando’s Creek Ledgestone profile features a range of different-sized stones with natural variation of tone and grout lines between each stone while providing an easy-to-maintain exterior.



Creek Ledgestone Color Series

Poulin Is Here to Help!

Finding the perfect exterior finish for your home is difficult, because you need both beauty and durability. At Poulin Lumber, we’re proud to offer our customers the best high-quality building materials the world has to offer. Whether you need realistic shakes or the best composite stone cladding, we’ve got you covered..

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